Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Leif buys NAG LAN tickets with Windows 8 mobile space :LTG Episode 103





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About Episode 102

We talk to Leif-Olaf Wallin the Research VP at Gartner about current mobile trends and strategies. We also then talk about Robots and Hobbit being split into 3 parts.

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Leif-Olaf Wallin


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  • Visit for more geek dates

  • NAG LAN at rAge 2012 ticket sales announced

  • 28 - 30 August 2012 in Cape Town, International Convention Centre - Gartner Symposium to focus on meeting the challenges of extreme information




  • The hobbit to be split in 3

  • Windows 8 launch date confirmed for SA

  • Most popular social networks and IMs on SA mobiles

  • Guest time - Leif-Olaf Wallin

  • Shatner and wheaton narrate mars rover landing “Curiosity’s 7 minutes of terror”

  • InstaWiFi

  • Jurassic park for real

  • Pushover


  • Robots

  • Lego engine

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