Monday, 22 October 2012

Imminent LTE rage to the MyBB batcave :LTG Episode 112



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We talk to Clayton Booysen, the ISV & Developer Relations Lead for IBM South Africa about the IBM Global Entrepreneur Programme in SA, dream about the possibilities of Project Eternity, and rant about everything that's broken.

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According to Wikipedia: DC Comics super-hero team the Justice Society of America uses a time-ray to travel from 1942 to 2442, in an attempt to get a Bomb Defense Formula which can produce a bomb-proof shield to protect America from bombing raids, feeling it will be perfected by then. It is shown by now humanity has colonised other planets.

In the traditional Korean calendar the year 109 is 2442.


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  1. @letstalkgeek How would one benefit from using the new LTE instead of utilizing the 3g Usb Hspda?