Monday, 8 October 2012

Rage at Angry Birds lobbed from 3d printed catapults :LTG Episode 111



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About Episode 110

In this episode we talk about TypeScript, as well as all the shiny new Android toys available now or in the near future. We also delve into the Dark Energy Survey and take a look at the ultimate catapult...almost.

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In number theory, Euler's totient or phi function, φ(n) is an arithmetic function that counts the number of positive integers less than or equal to n that are relatively prime to n. That is, if n is a positive integer, then φ(n) is the number of integers k in the range 1 ≤ k ≤ n for which gcd(n, k) = 1.
In number theory, a perfect totient number is an integer that is equal to the sum of its iterated totients.
We already had a random number fact last week that was unrelated to the show title...

The number 111 is sometimes called "a Nelson" after Admiral Nelson, who allegedly only had "One Eye, One Arm, One Leg" near the end of his life. (Which is in fact incorrect - Nelson never lost a leg.)

It is particularly known as a score in cricket. A score of 111 or multiples thereof (222 = "double nelson", 333 = "triple nelson" and so on) is considered unlucky by some in English cricket: most famously by the international umpire David Shepherd, who had a whole retinue of peculiar mannerisms - hops, shuffles, jiggles and so on - that he would indulge in if the score was ever a "Nelson" multiple. Particularly if the number of wickets also matched - 111/1, 222/2 etc.

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