Sunday, 18 November 2012

ZA Tech Show Hijacks LTG with Google Crocodile :LTG Episode 114




In This Show:

About Episode 114

In this episode the LTG Studio is invaded by Brett Haggard of the ZA Tech Show!
All hail your new overlords! :)

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Supreme Overlord

Brett Haggard


Humble Minions

Gerrit Vermeulen Tim Haak Jan Vermeulen The Mixer


Contacts Us



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Random Randomness!

  • If every zombie bit one new person a day, starting with just one zombie, the entire world could be zombified in just 34 days.

Show Topics

  • Android 4.2

  • Nexus 4

  • Nexus 10

  • ASUS Reports It's Selling Nearly A Million Nexus 7's Per Month, And That Number Is Climbing

  • Brettski:

  • BBM Voice offers free blackberry calls

  • 8ta + Google + Free email

  • UDS attendees get Steam for Linux beta access


  • Google gets and alligator

Extra Time

  • Facebook rant

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