Thursday, 24 January 2013

2013 and the Constant Vigilance: The Non-End of the World :LTG Episode118


In Episode 118

Happy 2013! We kick off the 2013 LTG show season with a bunch of awesome topics gathered over the last few show-less weeks. Why the world didn't end in 2012, Portal on a graphing calculator, A morally vigilant programming language, Jan's trip to CES2013 in Vegas, VGHS S2 Kickstarter, Ingress, Tom Clancy's newest book, Why the DOC is lying, Star Wars coffee machines and the downside to Warp Travel. Join us for all the awesome!


Gerrit Vermeulen

Johan Els

Jan Vermeulen

The Mixer

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Our random fact for the day: The world DID NOT end in December 2012. Surprise!


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Quick Geek

What geekery is this?

  • Digital TV deadlock (DoC is lying, says e-tv)

  • Jan’s trip to CES2013 in Las Vegas - a personal look.


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