Wednesday, 13 February 2013

BB10 suicides Linux on The Pirate Bay’s Passwords :LTG Episode 119


In Episode 119

The Vermeulen brothers are bothered about BB10, The Pirate Bay's AFK Movie is launching next week, Gerrit puts out a call to SA Ouya Devs, Nikon Image Space goes live, Darpa shows off an amazing 1.8Gpx Spy camera, Subconsciously remembering 30-character passwords, and yet another shameless plug to vote for Ani. Thanks for watching!


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We randomly decided NOT to have a Random in today's show!


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Quick Geek

  • Issue a wrong command and it gets corrected to rm -rf /

  • Nikon Image Space: Launching 28 January:

  • The Pirate Bay documentary 'TPB AFK' will be released for free on February 8th:

  • A call to SA Ouya game devs: The latest Ouya update had an interesting tidbit in the form of listing SA as one of the countries with dev teams making games for Ouya. We would like to find out who these devs are and maybe get you on the show. (Knife Media are apparently one of these:

  • THE SA WRITERS’ COLLEGE 2013 Annual Short Story Award For Emerging Writers in South Africa:

What geekery is this?

  • 30-Character Subsconscious Passwords

  • 1.8Gpx Surveillance Camera Drone by Darpa


  • MD Upfanmail asks: What happened at the BlackBerry 10 launch event?

  • Jan takes us through the BB10 launch (with pics) and a long discussion ensues about BB10 & the new BB devices.


  • Axe Apollo Space Academy Contest - Vote for Jan’s Awesome wife, Ani!

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