Sunday, 10 March 2013

NIN & Carly Rae Torment the Free State Website with Thief 4 :LTGEpisode 123


In Episode 123

1,2,3 Go! This week we sent Tim home to sleep and were joined by James from MyGaming! We check out what fruits and vegetables look like when put in an MRI and trawl Kickstarter for some more awesome projects to fund, including the Torment-inspired Tides of Numerera. Humble Bundle 5 is out as is GIMP Magazine Issue 3! We marvel at some incredible minimalist scientific tribute posters and let Jan rant about the Free State Governments' apparent R140-million website fail. On the gaming front we check out Thief 4 and some more details about the PlayStation 4. Enjoy the show!


Gerrit Vermeulen

Jan Vermeulen

Johan Els

The Mixer


James Etherington-Smith

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Quick Geek

  • The Humble Bundle with Android 5 (JE)

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