Thursday, 28 March 2013

LTG on Chai FM 101.9Mhz : LTG Episode 126

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In Episode 126

In our first official live show on Chai FM we cover self healing chips, a world without the Internet, how NASA modded an Android phone for use in space, Transistor (a new game from the makers of Bastion) and a gel that stops bleeding instantly. We also argue about whether Google is stealing web traffic away from websites and you get to meet "The Mixer" - on the show, in person, for the first time! We also say goodbye to Gerrit who is abandoning us for the distant shores of Cape Town. We play you out to some awesome tunes from the original Bastion soundtrack. Thanks for watching!


Jan Vermeulen

Gerrit Vermeulen

Tim Haak

Ani Vermeulen

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On the standard 3x3 Rubik's Cube, starting from the original set position, the basic algorithm of alternating top rotation- side rotation will return the cube to its original state in 126 moves.


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  • The Croods
    • New 3D movie from Dreamworks about a family of cavemen. Opens in SA 28th March.
  • The Matrix is almost 14!
    • Anniversary of one of the biggest movies released ever. And they only made 1: The Matrix. Originally released 31 March 1999!

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Show Topics

Quick Geek

  • Out of sight, out of mind: an HTML5 visualisation of deaths by drone in Pakistan
    • (Totals: 175 children [5.6%], 535 civillian [17.2%], 2348 other [75.6%], 47 high profile [1.5%])
    • A great example of the amazing things that can be done using HTML5

What Geekery is this?

  • Google Image Search and info boxes
    • not driving traffic to sites as much. Info boxes are also offering up the content from other sites without encouraging clicks.


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