Thursday, 11 April 2013

LTG on Chai FM ]|[ "The conclusion of the trilogy" : LTG Episode 128

What was yet another instalment of Let's Talk Geek that ended up without a podcast also turned out to be our last episode broadcast from the Chai FM studios.

The poor Mixer's laptop just couldn't handle the video stream, which in turn distorted the recording. We extract the sound from the video recording for the audio podcast, so that means there won't be an audio-only version either.

For those who tune in to our live broadcast of the podcast recording, we hope you enjoyed our brief stint of professionalism and punctuality ^ ^. (Using manga-inspired emoticons in a blog post... tsk, very unprofessional.)

Time between radio shows is actually very little, so trying to get our mobile video streaming rig (laptop + webcams on makeshift stands) up and running in the radio studio within the small window we had just wasn't happening.

It should be possible to solve the problem with a notebook PC that has all the features we need, but it would mean having to spend a big chunk of money on new hardware that can handle our streaming software and the 4 USB cameras we'd like to use.

That's a chunk of money we just don't have at this time, so for now we're returning Let's Talk Geek to the studio at House 4 Hack and will bring you all the geeky goodness you've come to expect as you've come to expect it.

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