Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Plex and UEFI eye Telkom's copper network – Let's Talk Geek 133

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In Episode 133

Let's Talk Geek regular (in IRC as well as show guest), Luke Potgieter joins us to regale us with tales of awesome Made in SA X-Ray scanners, Android security holes, a sweet windscreen HUD for your smartphone from Garmin, all the funtimes he had with UEFI and endless fun with the Roomba game.


(AKA the timecode reference chart that gets bombed into the YouTube description. Included here just in case you, dear viewer, might find it useful.)
  • 1:09 – Random
  • 2:10 – Quick Geek
  • 24:06 – Events
  • 26:20 – What Geekery is This‽
  • 26:30 – Plex media server
  • 33:15 – Telkom IPC and copper network plans
  • 41:33 – UEFI funtimes with Luke
  • 46:40 – Kicker



It is the 157th anniversary of Nikola Tesla's birth. I'm just going to leave this here: Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived.


If you have a geeky event or are looking for geeky events to attend, check out stardates.co.za and add your event if it isn't already there.
  • 17-19 July: MediaTech Expo at the Coca-Cola Dome.

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    Quick Geek

    What geekery is this‽

    • Johan convinces us to switch our media servers to Plex
    • Update on Telkom's plans for its wholesale ADSL product (IPC) and copper network
    • UEFI funtimes with Luke


    The Roomba game.

    And a bonus if you've read all the way to the bottom of the show notes... Something that didn't make it into the show due to a grievous oversight on the part of the show-runner: Follow Self-aware Roomba on Twitter.

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