Thursday, 15 August 2013

Exclusive piracy on game pre-orders sparks Curiosity – Let's Talk Geek 136

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In Episode 136


(AKA the timecode reference chart that gets bombed into the YouTube description. Included here just in case you, dear viewer, might find it useful.)
  • 00:41 – Random
  • 01:25 – Quick Geek
  • 12:15 – Games pricing in South Africa
  • 24:10 – Free, unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots: has anything changed?
  • 31:25 – Events
  • 29:05 – Kicker: 3,099 panel XKCD comic


Jan Vermeulen
Johan Els
Ani Vermeulen
Luke Potgieter
James Etherington-Smith


136 is a triangular number (the length of one side would be 16)


If you have a geeky event or are looking for geeky events to attend, check out and add your event if it isn't already there.
  • Dark Carnival Geek Fest! Sat 31st August. Tickets available through Webtickets - price range R20 - R100.
  • Geekfest (31 August): Goldfields Kennel Club, Boeing Street, Bedfordview
  • Left handers day: 13 August

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    XKCD Epic ‘Time’ is complete after 3099 panels.

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