Friday, 2 August 2013

Ubuntu Edge asks Axe Cop for OpenView HD – Let's Talk Geek 135

Audio download and video recording

In Episode 135

We filled up the Let's Talk Network studio this week with both Tim and Johan joining Jan and series regular Luke. We wonder if Canonical is risking anything at all on the Ubuntu Edge, whether free-to-play games are free at all, and what we'll see from OpenView HD.


(AKA the timecode reference chart that gets bombed into the YouTube description. Included here just in case you, dear viewer, might find it useful.)
  • 02:00 – Random
  • 05:30 – Quick Geek
  • 35:35 – What Geekery is This‽
  • 35:43 – OpenView HD
  • 44:15 – Ubuntu Edge
  • 56:25 – Gamesave Manager
  • 58:00 – Free 2 Play online gaming?
  • 1:00:50 – Kicker: here come the cats


Ani Vermeulen


ISO1007, better known as the casette 35mm film comes in, was termed “135” by Kodak in 1934. 135 camera film always comes perforated with Kodak Standard perforations.

Kodak announced that it plans to sell its digital imaging patents for about $525 million to some of the world’s biggest technology companies, thus making a step to end bankruptcy.

From the 23 July 2013 Daily Maverick:

Fact of the day: It’s been just over 40 years since the death of Bruce Lee, martial arts master and the man who did more than any other to introduce Kung Fu to the western world. This was not his only achievement, however. Although it might seem at odds with his tough guy image, Lee was also an accomplished competitive dancer, and winner of the 1958 Hong Kong cha-cha championship.


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Quick Geek

What geekery is this‽


Here come the cats:

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